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Galley model with figure

Cat. No.



Early Iron Age (?)


Lebanon, possibly Tyrian coast


L: 21 cm; H: 7cm; W: 7.5 cm


Terracotta model with marine concretions, reconstructed from several broken parts. Pale yellow clay

Accession Number

AO 29583


Hattler 2008: 262; Sauvage 2007: 97, cat. 59

Slightly rockered hull with vertical posts ending in a slightly flaring extremity with a concave, "fish tail" top. Short, rounded cutwater. The stempost rises vertically with a pronounced convex curve, projecting forward of the cutwater. The sternpost rises vertically in a similar way. Solid rectangular castles at the bow and stern, with the gunwale line interrupted and rising abruptly at a right angle into a step. Partial stern deck, with an upright figure standing on top of it port side, near the castle. Moulded bench at the bow.

Similar to the other Lebanese models with marine concretion, it was probably a votive offering. The solid rectangular castles find a parallel in L33 and L46. The closest parallel in terms of the ship's overall morphology is C27, but the model shares a number of similarities with a series of examples retrieved off the Tyrian coast, in particular with regards to the presence of a partial deck (L43, L45, L46), the post terminals as well as the use of figures which is less common in the Cypriote repertoire.

Hattler, C. 2008. Zeit der Helden: Die "dunklen Jahrhunderte" Griechenlands 1200 - 700 v. Chr.; Katalog zur Ausstellung im Badischen Landesmuseum Schloss Karlsruhe, 25.10.2008. Darmstadt, Primus.

Sauvage, C. 2007. “Marine et navigation phéniciennes,” in E. Fontan and H. Le Meaux, H. (eds.) Les Phéniciens et la Méditerranée. De Tyr à Carthage. Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe, pp. 92-101.

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