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Hybrid galley model

Cat. No.



Early Iron Age (?)


Lebanon, possibly Tyrian coast


L: 17.5 cm; H: 7 cm; W: 8 cm


Terracotta model with marine concretions, complete with some damage to gunwale. Pale yellowish clay with traces of dark grey paint.

Accession Number

AO 29584


Slightly rockered hull with vertical posts ending in a slightly flaring extremity with a concave, "fish tail" top. Short, triangular cutwater. The stempost rises vertically with a distinct hollow/slightly concave external edge, its decorative terminal jutting outwards at a slight incline. The sternpost curves inward, ending in a similar fish tailed terminal. There are two ear shaped elements protruding from the gunwale near the bow, one on each side.

The closest parallels are all Louvre acquisitions, some of which are tentatively attributed to Cyprus (C16, C27) while another is also attributed to Lebanon (L 53). This raises questions regarding the certainty of their provenance. The discarding of boat models in the sea is known only from Amathus and near the coast of Tyre. The "fish-tail" terminals of the posts find parallels in C16, C17, C27, C29, L39. The decorative element is thus known from both the Cypriote and Levantine coasts. The closest overall parallels are C27 and C50.

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