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Ship model

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Unknown, thought to be from Amathus


L: 17.7 cm; H: 8 cm; W: 6.5 cm


terracotta boat model, yellowish-orange paste, traces of black paint.

Accession Number

Louvre E 32296


Caubet et al 1998: 164, no. 223, fig. 223; Sauvage 2007: 97, 311, cat. 59

Slightly rockered, crescent shaped hull with vertical posts ending in a flaring extremity with a concave top. The stempost has a cutwater and rises vertically, with a hollow/ slightly concave external edge. The sternpost curves smoothly without such a hollow and rises higher than the stempost. There is a cross-beam resting on the gunwale at the bow and stern respectively.

Caubet, A., S. Fourrier and A. Queyrel. 1998. L’art des modeleurs d’argile: antiquités de Chypre coroplastique. Paris: Réunion des musées nationaux.

Sauvage, C. 2007. “Marine et navigation phéniciennes,” in E. Fontan and H. Le Meaux, H. (eds.) Les Phéniciens et la Méditerranée. De Tyr à Carthage. Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe, pp. 92-101.

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