Ancient Mediterranean

Digital Project

Ship model

Cat. No.



Archaic (?)


from the sea, apparently near Tyre


L: 45.7 cm


Terracotta model with marine encrustation

Accession Number


Eisenberg 2014: no. 23

Low flat hull with undulating gunwale and largely symmetrical stems. There are three clearly visible small pierced holes below the gunwale amidships on one side, similar to one of the models from the Hecht Museum. Near one of the posts there is a thwart placed on top of the gunwale that protrudes outside the hull on either side. The publication reports a "bow seat" and six thwarts. In the middle of the boat is a seated figure with a slightly back leaning torso. The model was previously owned by Selim Haddad, Beirut, 1970s.

Eisenberg, J. M. 2014. Art of the ancient World: Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Byzantine, Egyptian, & Near Eastern Antiquities 25. London: Royal Athena Galleries.

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