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Ship model with rowers

Cat. No.



Archaic (?)


from the sea south of Tyre, retried by a sponge diver


L: 28 cm; W: 7.4 cm; H (max): 9.1 cm


Terracotta model of finely levigated dark reddish-brown clay covered with marine encrustation

Accession Number


Basch 1987: 305-06, no. 645 ; Chollot 1973: 83; 1975: 85-86, photos 3-4; Raban and Kahanov 2003: 67-68, fig. 6

Crescentic hull with a moulded wale on either side located midway between the keel and the gunwale. Both the wales and the gunwale follow the curvature of the keel. Near the post on the right, the gunwale line is interrupted and rises twice at right angle it what looks like steps. This resembles the double-stepped castle seen on some Geometric ships of the Dipylon master. There is a similar single rise near the left post but it is possible that it represents mere damage to the gunwale. Chollot refers to these features as "décrochements." The posts are more of less symmetrical and curve slightly inwards. On the left side near the post is a thwart (1 cm in diameter) placed on top of the gunwale that protrudes outside the hull on one side by about 2 cm. This thwart clearly originally extended beyond the hull on the other side as well. It is a feature observable on many of the Cypriot models. On the left side there are two transversal benches preserved, 1.5 cm and 2.2 cm wide respectively. Between the thwart and the first bench on the left there are stubs which probably represent a now missing figure. Between the first and second bench is an upright figure with extended arms in the form of a cross, with a second figure in the same position but in front of the second bench and what was probably a third bench that is now missing. The stem on the right has two superimposed platforms/decks. The lower platform is 5.2 cm long and begins at the level of the first "step" of the castle. The second platform is 2.3 cm long and 3.5 cm above the lower one. As for the first one, it aligns with the second step of the castle. On the lower platform there is a figure with its hands in the air but this time clearly seated.

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