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Ship model with rowers

Cat. No.



Archaic (?)


from the sea south of Tyre


L: 28.8 cm; W: 7.7 cm; H (max): 5.7 cm


Terracotta model of finely levigated dark reddish-brown clay covered with marine encrustation

Accession Number


Basch 1987: 305, 307, no. 646 ; Chollot 1973: 83; 1975: 83-84, photos 1-2; Raban and Kahanov 2003: 67, fig. 5

Low flat hull with a slightly concave bottom amidships. The post on the left in the drawing is slightly thicker, possibly indicating a greater draught at this part. The bow and stern have decks, with six slightly convex benches between them. The width between these benches varies between 1.7 and 2 cm. The benches have stubs/protrusions similar to the Hecht museum models, indicating now missing rowers with their legs outstretched. These are located at the center of the benches however and indicate a single rower per bench. Chollot describes five oarsmen but the photograph suggests that there are perhaps six.

Recovered by a sponge diver who's kept the location secret. Hundreds of statuettes were recovered by him from the same location.

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Raban, A. and Y. Kahanov. 2003. “Clay Models of Phoenician Vessels in the Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa, Israel,” IJNA 32.1: 61-72.

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