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Seal impression

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Knossos, Little palace


H: 2.75 cm; W: 2.2 cm (1.3 cm of remaining fragments)


baked clay seal impression, probably by lentoid seal

Accession Number

Herakleion Museum 417


Evans 1904-05: 12-14; 1928: 243-245; 1935: 827; CMS II.8.1, no. 133; Gill 1965: 68, nr. J3; Morgan 2020: 97, fig. 3.4;Vanschoonwinkel 1982: 54-55; Wachsmann 1998: 96, fig. 6.23; Wedde 2000: 346, nos. 958

Midship section of a ship's hull showing the keelline, three oars, a mast and three stays to the left. Four rowers facing left, with a vertical line above their head. They are shown at the start of their stroke, suggesting that the ship is moving from left to right. Superimposed on the ship image is a horse which used the keelline as its baseline. It is considered intrusive and not part of the original composition. The horse obscures the lines which might otherwise clarify the function of the horizontal line above the rower's heads. Wedde lists a number of possibilities: awning, deck, yard/boom, with the latter being the most likely.

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