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Seal impression

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Knossos. Northern Quarters/North Entrance Passage


H: 2.3 cm; W: 1.4 cm


baked clay seal impression, probably by lentoid seal

Accession Number

Herakleion Museum 146  


Evans 1904-05: 12-14; 1928: 243-245; 1935: 827; CMS II.8.1, no. 134; Gill 1965: 68, nr. J3; Vanschoonwinkel 1982: 54-55; Wachsmann 1998: 96, fig. 6.23; Wedde 2000: 346, nos. 957

Midship section of a ship's hullshowing the keelline, mast, yard, and two halyards on either side of the mast. Three faint semi-circles hanging from the yard probably represent a furled sail. To the right of the mast, attached to the joining point of the two semi-circles are two very faint lines which pass oblique to the right out of the fragment (halyards or lifts). Between the mast and the gunwale there is a screen, comprised of a horizontal line joined to the gunwale by 11 parallel vertical lines.

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  • CMS II.8.1, 134

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  • CMS II.8.1, 134

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