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LH IIIB2 (c. 1230-1190)


Tiryns, Lower Citadel. Unterburg LXII 45/24 Xia


L: 4.1 cm; W: 3.7 cm; H: 2.1 cm


Fragment, buff clay, dark paint on outside/inside

Accession Number


Kilian 1988: 140, fig.37.5; Wachsmann 1998: 150-51, fig. 7.46; Wedde 2000: 311, 323

Fragment of a model amidships with remains of the mast. Rounded bottom with outwards sloping sides. The interior decoration comprises longitudinal lines painted on either side of the mast step (possibly a keelson) and just below the gunwale. There are short vertical strokes joining the gunwale to the upper longitudinal line. To the left of the mast is a line athwartship. The exterior is decorated with longitudinal lines painted half-way up the sides, with oblique strokes crossing them. Wachsmann thinks that these slanting lines possibly represent oars.

Kilian, K. 1988. “Ausgrabungen in Tiryns 1982/83. Bericht zu den Grabungen,” AA: 105-151.

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