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Ship model

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Mycenae, chamber tomb 79


L: 7 cm; H (gunwale): 2.5 cm; H (posts): 3.1 cm


Clay model, greenish-white slip, remains of black paint along gunwales and hull

Accession Number

Athens National Museum 3099


Basch 1987: 141, no. 292; Göttlicher 1978: taf. 25; Gray 1974: G19, no. C44, G55; Johnston 1985: 29, BA 20; Laviosa 1969-70: 26; Marinatos 1933: 175, no. 25; Sakellarakis 1971: 98-99, no. 3099; Wachsmann 1998: 104-105, fig. 6.39; Wedde 2000: 310, no. 311; Xenaki-Sakellariou 1985: 220, 222, pl. 104: 3099
Tomb: Tsountas and Manatt 1897

Flat bottomed hull with slightly incurving symmetrical stems that rise near vertically. One of the stems is a reconstruction. The widest beam is amidships. Slightly off center inside the hold towards the restored extremity there are two irregular clay cylinders which could be thwarts, ribs, or benches. The larger one is curved while the smaller one is straight. Wedde classifies the model as belonging to Type IV.

The model was found near the stomion of the chamber tomb along with a triple figurine comprised of two female phi figurines attached at the body and carrying a child between them on their shoulders. The tomb has provided twelve biconical amber beads, eight of which were identified to be Baltic amber (Beck et al 1972: 374-375). Tsountas does not discuss the tomb directly, so nothing further is known.

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