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Small boat

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Salamis, found amongst archaic rubble of the rampart


L: 8.8 cm; H: 2.6 cm


Terracotta boat model. Pink clay with cream slip

Accession Number

Sal. 4059


Karageorghis 1996: 74-75, no. V(a)15, fig. 60; Monloup 1984: 148, nos. 566-571, pl. 28, 158-160, no. 601, pl. 29; Wachsmann 2013: 158, fig. 3.73

Fragmentary model. There are traces of a seated figure, including the legs and the left arm.

From a certain archaic context, found amongst the archaic rubble of the rampart

Karageorghis, V. 1996. The coroplastic Art of ancient Cyprus. VI. Monsters, Animals and Miscellanea. Nicosia: A.G. Leventis Foundation.

Monloup, Th. 1984. Salamine de Chypre XII, Les figurines de terre cuite de tradition archaïque, Paris: De Boccard.

Wachsmann, S. 2013. The Gurob Ship–Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context. College Station: Texas A&M University Press.

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