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Small boat

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Salamis, found amongst archaic rubble of the rampart


L: 8.2 cm; H: 4 cm


Terracotta boat model. Light brown clay with red and black painted decoration

Accession Number

Sal. 4271


Dolan 2023: 529, no. 91; Karageorghis 1996: 74-75, no. V(a)15, fig. 60; Monloup 1984: 148, nos. 566-571, pl. 28, 158-160, no. 601, pl. 29; Wachsmann 2013: 158, fig. 3.73

Crescentic hull with symmetrical posts slightly raised above the gunwale. The black and red painted decoration is still vivid and consists of vertical bands on both the inside and outside of the hull. A roughly modelled human figure sits with his back leaning against one of the stems, his arms stretched resting on either side of the gunwale, his lower body flattened against the hull. The extremity of one of the stems and part of the figure's face are broken off.

From a certain archaic context, found amongst the archaic rubble of the rampart.

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