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MPG (1000-950 B.C.)


Koukos Sykias, tomb 56



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Carrington-Smith and Vokotopoulou 1989: 430, 433, 437, fig. 10; Nakas 2011: 1004, 1014, fig. 4; 2017: 70, 80, fig. 5.c

Galley with a slightly rockered hull. Short stempost and sternpost with rounded extremities. Short pointed bow projection and another similar one at the stern.

Neck panel showing a shipwreck scene with a capsized ship to the right. There are eleven figures, ten of which are floating around the ship, seemingly clinging wither to one another or to the ship itself. One figure differs in that it is upright, apparently sitting astride the keel of the upturned vessel, his legs seen dangling through one of the oval portholes. The figures wear crested helmets and corselets indicated by a cross-hatched motif on their torsos. Eleven fish of slightly varying sizes swim below, above and besides them. One of the smaller fish appears to be nibbling at the torso of the figure touching the stern’s horn.

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