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Skyros, Magazia cemetery, child tomb




Terracotta model, dark brown paint decoration on inside and outside. Complete model save for damage of the inward upper corner of the starboard side of the forecastle.

Accession Number

Archaeological Museum of Skyros Skyros 1959


Karapaschalidou 2012

Flat bottomed hull with a low gunwale. The stempost is strictly vertical, with a short, flattened bow projection. The forecastle is solid and rectangular. The sternpost rises in a curve and ends in a short inward pointing tip. There is a raised cylindrical mast socket amidships, with a hole for receiving the mast.

The model was found in a child burial at the Magazia ancient cemetery, excavated by Amalia A. Karapaschalidou in 2006. Unpublished, it is currently displayed on the museum shelf with pottery which is all LPG/SPG I (Lemos 2018, personal communication). The best parallel for the fringed semicircles are on a lekythos from Toumba T 1 which is also dated to LPG/SPG I, further confirming this date. The inside of the model is coated in dark paint, including the raised mast socket. The outside decoration consists of a large fringed semicircle at the bow and stern, presumably on each side. The keel line is painted with a thick dark band (including the bow projection), above which runs a thinner one. Two thin vertical lines of paint along the stempost, and another horizontal one along the gunwale. The sternpost behind the semicircle decoration is also painted. There are four neatly drilled pairs of holes presumably for suspension: one at the stern and bow respectively, and two amidships, on either side of the mast step.

Karapaschalidou, A.A. 2012. “Seaways – Transmission and exchange of cultural goods: Chalkida, Eretria, North Evia, Skyros.” Archaeology & Arts.

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