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Fragment of galley

Cat. No.



Early Proto-Attic


Athenian Agora, from a well


H: 7.6 cm, estimated rim diam.: 30 cm


Accession Number

Agora P21232


Agora VIII: 74, no. 382, pl 22; Basch 1987: 203, no. 423; Morrison-Williams 1968: 74, Arch. 3*ter*

Midships of a ship with two rowers facing right. The glaze is quite faded so certain features are difficult to distinguish. The thick black band represents the hull, with two thin horizontal bands running parallel above it. There are two vertical strokes spaced between the rowers joining the lower thin band to the upper one, probably representing stanchions. The rowers have very broad, egg shaped torsos that are upright, grasping at their oars with both hands.

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