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Fragment of galley

Cat. No.



Early Proto-Attic


Athenian Agora, from a well


H: 4.5 cm, estimated rim diam.: 32 cm


Krater sherd with short straight rim, brown to black glaze

Accession Number

Agora P 13277


Agora VIII: 74, no. 383, pl 22; Morrison-Williams 1968: 74, Arch. 3 *bis*"

Five seated warriors in a ship facing left, equipped with crested helmets, round shields, and two spears. The lower part of their shields touch the gunwale. The tips of two oars remain, spaced midway between the warriors.

Both the rendition of the warriors and the placement of the unmanned oars is very similar to the Sounion plaque.

Brann, E.T.H. 1962. Agora VIII. Late Geometric and Protoattic Pottery: Mid 8th to late 7th Century B.C. Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Morrison, J.S. and R.T. Williams. 1968. Greek Oared Ships: 900-322 B.C. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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