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Single levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late Geometric II (725-700 B.C.)


Agora, Athens


Diameter: c. 32 cm


Attic krater rim fragment with part of the handle attachment on the left. Short straight rim, rounded on top

Accession Number

Agora Museum P 6095


Agora VIII: 73, no. 379, pl. 22.379; Basch 1987: 181, no. 380; Casson 1995: 50, fig. 64: Morrison and Williams 1968: 34, Geom. 35

Single-levelled, open-hulled ship to the left. Low flat hull, massive triangular bow with concave stempost integrating a thick bow projection and ending in a short protrusion slightly inclined forward. The bow screen has a short spike and a small eye comprised of a reserved circle with a dot inside (fish eye type). The four tholepins are placed on a rail above the gunwale supported by stanchions, with which they are not aligned but placed midway between struts.

The bow morphology is remarkably similar to the Toronto bowl and another Attic LG II vase, including the massive ram, tiny occulus and short stempost extremity pointing slightly forward. The fact that the tholepins are not aligned with the stanchions deviates from the norm.

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