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Single-levelled galley

Cat. No.



LG II (c.725-700 B.C.)


Geometric well (S 20:1), Panathenaic way, Agora, Athens


H: 7 cm; W: 19 cm; estimated diameter: 30 cm


two joining fragments from rim and upper body of a krater. Pink clay, black to red glaze

Accession Number

Agora Museum 26817


Agora XXI: 109; Basch 1987: 181, no. 382; Morrison and Williams 1968: 35, Geom. 37; Tréziny 1980: fig. 7 "

Single levelled ship to the left with nine rowers facing right and a helmsman facing left. The bow is missing. Low hull with a high recurving sternpost and a single steering oar, with a large bird perched on top of it, facing left. There are two horizontal lines above the hull supported by vertical stanchions which do not protrude above the uppermost horizontal. The oarsmen have their torsos inclined forwards, indicating they are at the beginning of their stroke. Their feet disappear behind the upper rail.

The interesting feature of this depiction is the presence of two rather than one horizontal line above the hull. Basch interprets these rails as a new introduction seen on later ships, and most clearly depicted on the much later Francois vase.

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