Ancient Mediterranean

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Double-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late Geometric I


Dipylon, Athens



Attic pedestalled krater sherds

Accession Number

Louvre A 538; A 539; A 540


Basch 1987: no. 350; Kirk 1949: 104, nos. 17a, 17c, pl. 39.5-6

Fragmentary double-levelled ship to the left in the conventional Dipylon style, with all the verticals and horizontals, but no tholepins. The sherds preserve parts of the stern section and some of the sail close to amidships. The aftercastle has a latticed railing made up of three vertical and two horizontal lines. There is a small plank protrusion at the base of the sternpost near the steering oar, where the hull curves sharply upward. The ship has a rectangular sail with a checkerboard pattern made up of numerous horizontal and vertical lines, with a brace and brailing rope preserved at the point where they attach to the deck and aftercastle. A figure facing left, probably the helmsman, holds the edge of the sail with his right hand and a sword with his left.

Basch, L. 1987. Le musée imaginaire de la marine antique. Athens: Institut Hellénique pour la preservation de la tradition nautique.

Kirk, G.S. 1949. “Ships on Geometric Vases.” BSA 44: 93-153, pls. 38-40.

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