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Double-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late Geometric I


Dipylon, northeast of Piraeus street, Athens


H: 8.5 cm; W: 11.6 cm; max. diameter: c. 62.6 cm. wall thickness: 1.4-1.75 cm


Krater Kunze IV. Attic pedestalled krater sherds from the lower portion of the vessel's wall. Pale yellowish brown to light brown clay, medium to dark brown paint

Accession Number

Athens National Museum 802


Basch 1978: no. 352; Christidis et al 2014: 34-36, fig. 8, pl. 79; Kirk 1949: 104, no. 15; Morrison-Williams 1968: 22, Geom. 8, pl. 2c-d; Pernice 1892: fig. 1, 3; Tzahou-Alexandri 1990: 335, fig. 6

Fragmentary double-levelled ship to the left in the conventional Dipylon style, with all the verticals and horizontals, but no tholepins. The bow, stern, and much of the section amidships are all preserved. The eye is filled with an eight pointed star. There are four short vertical protrusions on the forecastle which are probably belaying pins, but seemingly no latticed railing. The ship has a rectangular sail with a checkerboard pattern made up of numerous horizontal and vertical lines, with small bits of the forward brace and brailing rope preserved at the point where they attach to the deck and forecastle. The same is repeated at the stern, where the brace and brailing rope are fully preserved. A figure facing left, probably the helmsman, holds the edge of the sail with his right hand and the brace with his left. Four spears are stored in the forecastle. These are painted as single vertical strokes and overlap with the stempost's horn.

There is a bird in flight over the ship's bow projection, identical to the one depicted on Louvre A 527 except for facing in the opposite direction.

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