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Ship with furled sails

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LH IIIC1 (12th century B.C.)


Ekron, level VIIa



Two sherds from a locally made krater

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Ben-Shlomo 2010: 54, fig. 3.13.2; Knapp 2019: 129, fig. 29; Meehl et al 2006: fig. 3:27:2; Mountjoy 2005: 425, pl. XCVIIIb; Wachsmann 2013: 64-65, fig. 2.36

The top sherd shows a brailed sail furled to the yard depicted with semicircles attached to a horizontal bar, similar to one of the depictions from Kynos. Two lines on either side of the mast could be halyards for raising and lowering the mast, or alternatively according to Wachsmann, brails. An interpretation as lifts is also possible.

The smaller sherd shows part of the rower's gallery (four individual 'rooms' are preserved), with a triangular device which has been interpreted differently depending in which direction the sherd is placed. If facing down, the element could only be a steering oar, yet it is at an odd angle to the hull. Alternatively, Wachsmann prefers to see it as the sternpost device recurving over the hull. A third possibility is that it is the handle of the quarter rudder.

The parallels with LH IIIC pottery bearing ship depictions from the Aegean itself is notable, including the choice of medium, the representation of the open rower's galley, and the straight yard.

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