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Linear B ideogram *259

Cat. No.



LM IIIB (mid to later 13th century)


Knossos, the Palace of Minos



Linear B clay tablet (fragment). KN U 7700 + X 8284 + FR IV-26 + FR VI-0 + FR VII-0

Accession Number

Herakleion Archaeological Museum


Bennett et al 1989: 230, fig. 1; Palaima 1991: 286-287, pl. LXIIIa; Petrakis 2011: 207; Wachsmann 1998: 125-126, fig. 7.4; Wedde 2000: 331, no. 6007

Crescentic hull. The right extremity rises more sharply while the left one is lost. Mast amidships with a curving line on either side that possibly represents the mast step. Wachsmann offers several possible interpretations for this element: "a mast partner, central structure, or rigging." (Wachsmann 1998: 125).

The ideogram is followed by the numeral 1. The joining of several fragments show this ideogram following the word [...] -re-ta, possibly to be reconstructed as e-re-ta (rowers). If correct, the ideogram might have functioned as a qualification for the number of rowers alternative to counting them as men, hence designating a ship's complement of rowers.

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