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Ship shaped pendant

Cat. No.



Late Bronze II (1400-1200 BC)


Ras Shamra acropolis, trench B5, pt. 39 (near the house of the Grand priest)


L: 5.4 cm; H: 1.75 cm


Gold pendant, incomplete

Accession Number

AO 14722 (excavation: RS 3.396)


Caubet and Yon 2001: 150-152, figs. 2a-b (treasure hoard)

Bowl shaped, shallow hull, with one side rising vertically, while the other shows an incomplete, S-shaped element.

The pendant is part of a buried treasure trove that was discovered in 1931 on the acropolis of Ras Shamra, in the periphery of the library in the zone between the temples of Baal and Dagan. The mission’s archives say the following regarding its location: “la tranchée B5, point topographique 39: Acropole, agrandissement de la fouille de la ‘Maison du Grand Prêtre’: au point 39 a 1m85 contre mur ou avaient été rencontrés à 1m85 déjà des débris d’argent et un poids en calcaire blanc (RS 3.386), vase grossier, cruche égueulée à anse cassée, chamois, contenant de nombreux objets et fragments en argent et or (Journal de fouilles 1931: 65, 81-83). The exact composition of the treasure remains uncertain, with objects divided between France (Louvre) and Syria (Aleppo). Amongst the inventory is a weight, as well as gold and silver scrap in the form of ingots, wire pieces, bowls, earrings, rings and various pendants (For detailed list, see Caubet and Yon 2001: 151). Published photographs of the treasure trove show an incomplete selection of objects, with the ship-shaped pendant absent (Schaeffer 1932: pl. XVI:1-2).

Caubet, A. and Y., Marguerite. 2001. “Une coupe inscrite en chypro-minoen à Ras Shamra et les « trésors » d’Ougarit,” In P. M. Fischer (ed.) Contributions to the Archaeology and History of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Eastern Mediterranean: Studies in honour of Paul Åström. Vienna: Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut, (Sonderschriften / Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut Bd. 39), pp. 149-157.

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