Ancient Mediterranean

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Galley ship model

Cat. No.



Archaic (?)


Ionian coast or Phoenicia


L: 30.5 cm


Terracotta model

Accession Number


Gubel 1999: 274, no. 97, fig. 69; Christie's, *Fine Antiquities Albinus-4580*, London, 10-07-1991, no. 159

Low flat hull with a concave stempost and a pronounced ram with a flat tip. The stem and sternpost devices seem to be broken off. The gunwale is uneven, and has a moulded band on the outside. There are at least six visible thwarts inside which possibly represent rowers' benches. Gubel notes that the model is comparable to models previously exhibited in the National Museum of Beirut datable to the 8th and 7th centuries.

Gubel, E. 1999. “Modèle de bateau à proue accentuée,” in P. Bordreuil, F. B. Chatonnet and E. Gubel Bulletin d’antiquités archéologiques du levant inédites ou méconnues (BAALIM VII) Syria 76: 274.

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