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Jar handle sealing

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8th century B.C. Iron II


Akko, Early Persian period pit, stratum V, Area K


L: 2.05 cm; H: 1.6 cm


Sealing on a storage jar handle, oval shaped.

Accession Number

Haifa University Reg. No. 4969/150


Brandl and Yahalom-Mack 2022: 244-246, fig. 5.a; Conrad 1999; Keel 1997: 622-623, no. 258

Ship facing right with a crescentic hull. Vertically rising stempost ending in a club like device. The sternpost rises in a gentle outward curve, then bends sharply inwards at a 90o angle then slightly upwards again. This morphology is highly reminiscent of the inward-facing duck-head stern devices observable on some Cypriote ships. Mast amidships with fore and backstay. There are five oars.

The stamped jar handle was found in Area K, in the side wall of an early Persian period pit belonging to Stratum V that had penetrated Stratum VI below it (Conrad 1999). Although other sherds from the pit date to the Persian period, the object is associated with an early type of mortarium dating to the 8th (Brandl and Itach 2019: 216, n. 1).

The excavator identifies the sternpost device as the back-turned head of a bird, either a duck or a goose (Conrad 1999: 37). This is not implausible, given that it is a well documented sternpost device from Cyprus. The ship indeed finds good morphological parallels in C5 and C6.

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