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Fragmentary ship model

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Amathus, Tomb 130


L: 6.8 cm; W: 4.6 cm; H: 1.9 cm


terracotta boat model, half missing. No traces of painted decoration

Accession Number

AM T 130 (LM 502/82)


Carbillet 2005: 79, n. 11; Dolan 2023: 450-451, no. 52; Karageorghis 1987a: 12, no. 137, pl. XXVII: 137; Tytgat 1989: 28, no. 82

Low flat hull with a flat gunwale. The preserved post rises vertically and shows a slight concave edge near the terminal, ending in a short tapering extremity slightly pointing outward.

Near square chamber (L: 3.6 m; W: 3.7 m ; H: 2 m) with rounded corners and the stomion situated in the east side. The dromos is oriented to the east and has four steps. Most of the preserved vases are from the Cypro-Classical period. There are however many fragments of Cypro-Archaic pottery.

The tomb was rich in imported pottery. The older imports are Phoenician and include a small Red Slip jug (87.2), a Plain Ware vase, a Red Slip lamp, and a complete amphora. The jug and lamp possibly date to 750-700 BC, while the amphora is somewhat later. ca. 700-600 BC. (Tytgat 1989: 28-29). These suggest an initial use for the tomb from the beginning of the archaic period. Aside from pottery, other finds include alabaster vases, bronze and iron fragments, 44 astragals, and shells.

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