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Cyprus, possibly from the vicinity of Famagusta


L: 12.5 cm; H: 4.5 cm; beam (amidships): 3 cm


terracotta boat model of rough red clay with bichrome decoration

Accession Number

Famagusta Museum 1933/IX-13/2


Westerberg 1983: 25, no. 27, fig. 27

Low flat hull decorated with red and black stripes on the outside, and black ones on the inside. The stripes are vertical and parallel to each other, running from the gunwale to the keel line. The photograph quality is too poor to comment on the stempost. Inside the boat are two seated figures facing each other at the bow and stern respectively, their arms resting on the gunwale. These are roughly made and difficult to distinguish from the boat itself.

Westerberg, K. 1983. Cypriote Ships from the Bronze Age to c. 500 B.C. (SIMA, Pocket-books, 22). Göteborg: P. Åströms förlag.

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