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Ship model

Cat. No.



Cypro-Archaic (?)


Cyprus, uncertain provenance


L: 8.4 cm


terracotta boat model, damaged and roughly made with no traces of painted decoration

Accession Number

Nicosia Museum C 67


Dolan 2023 : 492-494, no. 75; Karageorghis 1996: 76, no.V(b):29, PL. XLIII: 9; Myres and Ohnefalsch-Richter 1899: 114

Flat hull with a highly uneven gunwale. One of the posts rises vertically while the other has a slight outward slant.

Dolan, M. 2023. Ceci n'est pas un bateau: Reassessing terracotta boat models in Late Bronze and Iron Age Cyprus. University of Southhampton. Unpublished DPhil Thesis.

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Myres, J.L. and M. Ohnefalsch-Richter. 1899. A Catalogue of the Cyprus Museum. Oxford: Clarendon Press: 114.

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