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Ship model

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Cyprus, uncertain provenance


L: 12 cm; H (amidships): 2.5 cm; beam (amidships): 4.5 cm


terracotta boat model, mended stem of dubious restoration. Coarse grey clay with white admixture

Accession Number

Pierides Foundation Museum, Larnaca no. 514


Karageorghis 1996: 76, no.V(b):23, PL. XLIII: 5; Westerberg 1983: 26-27, no. 29, fig. 29

Crescentic hull with a flattened bottom, a flat uneven gunwale and vertical posts. The preserved post rises vertically, with a hollow/ slightly concave external edge and ending in a rounded, undecorated extremity. The other post is a reconstruction and cannot be trusted. It is quite likely that the posts were in fact symmetrical. The outside of the hull has faint traces of a painted black decoration, consisting of a net/cross-hatched pattern.

Karageorghis, V. 1996. The coroplastic Art of ancient Cyprus. VI. Monsters, Animals and Miscellanea. Nicosia: A.G. Leventis Foundation.

Westerberg, K. 1983. Cypriote Ships from the Bronze Age to c. 500 B.C. (SIMA, Pocket-books, 22). Göteborg: P. Åströms förlag.

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