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Small boat

Cat. No.



Cypro-Archaic II


Salamis, Cellarka, tomb 104, no. 5  


L: 11 cm


terracotta boat model

Accession Number

Nicosia Museum Sal. 1967 T 104/5


Dolan 2023: 526-528, no. 90; Göttlicher 1978: 35, no. 156, pl. 10; Karageorghis 1969: 136, pl. 79; 1970: 149, pl. CLXXVI: 5; Westerberg 1983: 22, no. 22, fig. 22

Crescentic hull with symmetrical, outward pointing undecorated posts that rise above gunwale level. There is a seated figure amidships, his arms resting on the gunwale. He has a prominent chin and a pointed cap.

Tomb 104 was found looted. The chamber is rectangular (2.45 m x 1.55 m), with a flat roof (1.2 m high) and faces east. The stomion is on the central axis, in the middle of the façade, with a large stone slab at the threshold. The tomb had two distinct layers associated with separate burials. The finds are dated to the Cypro-Archaic II period. Besides pottery and the boat model, items include four pairs of bronze earrings, a fragmentary terracotta model of a shield and a terracotta dog figurine.

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