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Believed to be from Amathus




terracotta boat model

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Castle Goluch˘w, Cracow. Original model lost during WW2


Göttlicher 1977: 37, no. 166, pl. 12; Kapera 1969: 45-46; Westerberg 1983: 40, no. 47, fig. 47

Crescentic hull with a painted horizontal ladder motif along the gunwale which must represent an open rower's gallery or a bulwark, similar to Nicosia no. 1935 C.57. The stempost has an outward incline and extends above the gunwale, ending in a knob-like device. At its base is a triangular ram, with a smaller subsidiary ram immediately above it. The sternpost rises sharply in a near vertical manner, and has no decorative device.

Drawing made by W. Wener after an older drawing.

Göttlicher, A. 1977. Materialien für ein Korpus der Schiffsmodelle im Altertum. Mainz: Philipp von Zabern.

Kapera, Z. J. 1969. “Die Terrakottaflotte des Kinyras,” Bibliotheca Classica Orientalis 14: 45–46.

Westerberg, K. 1983. Cypriote Ships from the Bronze Age to c. 500 B.C. (SIMA, Pocket-books, 22). Göteborg: P. Åströms förlag.

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