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Ship model

Cat. No.



Cypro-Archaic I


Cyprus, further provenance unknown


L: 8.5 cm; H (amidships): 2.5 cm; beam (amidships): 3.5 cm


terracotta boat model, red clay with dark brown and black painted decoration

Accession Number

Pierides Collection, Larnaca


Åström 1974: 33, 79; Karageorghis 1996: 73, no. V(a): 8, pl. XLI: 3; Westerberg 1983: 27, no. 30, fig. 30

Crescent shaped hull, with a flat bottom in its middle, and a flat, uneven gunwale. Both posts rise in a gradual curve, at a very similar angle. The stempost however has a horn that projects above the gunwale that inclines forward then curves slightly backwards, while the stenpost is undecorated and does not extend beyond the gunwale. The short rounded bow projection is at the waterline and points slightly downward. On either side of the bow is a large almond shaped eye with a pupil in black paint. Two horizontal lines painted in red run just below the gunwale. At the bow on the starboard side are two black oblique lines running from the gunwale down. Two additional vertical black lines running from the gunwale down are located aft, near the stern. The decoration on the port side is similar. It also has traces of black colour on the horn device of the stempost.

Åström, P. 1974. Cypern, motsättningarnas ö: cypriska fornfynd från Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm samt ur de arrangerande institutionernas samlingar. Göteborg: Göteborgs arkeologiska museum.

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Westerberg, K. 1983. Cypriote Ships from the Bronze Age to c. 500 B.C. (SIMA, Pocket-books, 22). Göteborg: P. Åströms förlag.

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