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Amathus, Site E, tomb 73


L: 17.5 cm; H (amidships): 3.2 cm; beam (amidships): 7.2 cm


terracotta boat model, coarse buff clay with bichrome decoration (black and red/purple paint). Part of hull missing.

Accession Number

British Museum 1894,1101.282


Basch 1987: 254, 256, no. 547; Dolan 2023: 368-370, no. 23; Göttlicher 1977: 36, no. 165, pl. 10, pl. 12; Gray 1974: G. 31,3 f, pl. G. IV c, d; Karageorghis 1996: 76, no.V(b): 25, pl. XLIII: 7; Murray et al 1900: 112, 139, fig. 164, 17; Walters 1903: 35, A 204; Westerberg 1983: 27-28, no 31, fig. 31

Crescentic hull with a rounded bottom and vertical, near symmetrical posts ending in a flat, undecorated extremity. The posts project above the gunwale by 5.7 cm, with one of them curving inwards slightly while the other one is completely vertical. The extremity of the incurving stem flares out slightly. There is a thwart/cross-beam near each stem and a raised mast-socket amidships. The gunwale is painted red, with black and red horizontal lines on the hull. The excavation records note two other terracotta figurines of a horse and a bird.

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