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Cypro-Archaic I


Cyprus, further provenance unknown


L: 14 cm; H (amidships): 4 cm; beam (amidships): 4 cm


terracotta boat model of buff clay with faint traces of painted decoration in red and black

Accession Number

Thalassa Museum, Agia Napa


Dolan 2023: 554-555, no. 105; Åström 1974: 33, 79; Dolan 2023: 554-555, no. 105; Westerberg 1983: 25-26, no. 28, fig. 28

Crescentic hull with broadly symmetrical posts projecting above the hull and terminating in a rectangular, undecorated extremity. One of the posts rises vertically, while the other is incurving. There are no interior fittings. The painted decoration consists of four irregular horizontal bands of alternating black and red color, starting with black along the gunwale. One of the stems in addition has two parallel oblique lines painted in black. There are two roughly modelled human figures seated at the bow and stern respectively, their backs against the posts. The figures and the hull intermingle, with no clear distinction between the two. The arms of the figures rest on the gunwale on either side, while the lower part of their bodies is flattened against the hull. The figure above the post with the oblique lines has an eye painted in black.

Åström, P. 1974. Cypern, motsättningarnas ö: cypriska fornfynd från Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm samt ur de arrangerande institutionernas samlingar. Göteborg: Göteborgs arkeologiska museum.

Dolan, M. 2023. Ceci n'est pas un bateau: Reassessing terracotta boat models in Late Bronze and Iron Age Cyprus. University of Southhampton. Unpublished DPhil Thesis.

Westerberg, K. 1983. Cypriote Ships from the Bronze Age to c. 500 B.C. (SIMA, Pocket-books, 22). Göteborg: P. Åströms förlag.

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