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Ship model

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Amathus, South West necropolis, tomb 183, no. 69


L: 18.5 cm


terracotta boat model with bichrome decoration in black and red paint

Accession Number

Limassol district Museum


Dolan 2023: 378-380, no. 26; Karageorghis 1987a: 12, 29, no. 136, pl. XXVII; 1996: 75, no.V(b):20, PL. XLIII: 2; Tygtat 1989: 99, no. 69

Slender crescentic hull with a slightly concave gunwale and near symmetrical posts ending in a flat, undecorated extremity. The posts project above the gunwale, with one of them curving inwards, while the other is straight and slightly inward slanting. There is also a vertical band on the incurving stem, from the top of the post to the keel.

Tomb 183 was pillaged and reused several times. It has two layers that do not however correspond to distinct phases, as both have pottery of various periods. The material has been dated to the Cypro Archaic II and Cypro Classical I. The chamber is oriented NO/SE, with a carved rectangular pit running from the stomion to the back of the chamber. In addition to local pottery, there were several fragments of alabaster vases, a bronze rod, an iron fragment (possibly of a knife), silver and carnelian beads, and a complete Phoenician amphora.

The ship model comes from the lower layer B, and was found in the center of the tomb along with six jugs of Bichrome IV-V, Plain White V-VI, and White Painted V type (nos. 70-73, 85, 100).

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