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Uncertain. LC or Cypro-Archaic (Westerberg); Cypro-Geometric I (Karageorghis)


Cyprus, found in the sea probably near Amathus


L: 26 cm; H (amidships): 2.5 cm; W: 8 cm


terracotta boat model, reddish clay with no painted decoration

Accession Number

Private Collection of Mr. Phr. Nicolaides, Limassol


Basch 1987: 254, 257, no. 554; Carbillet 2005: 82; Dolan 2023: 352-353, no. 16; Karageorghis 1976b: 872, fig. 64; 1993: 74, no. GK (ii)4, pl. XXXII; Knapp 2019: 143, no. 10; Westerberg 1983: 16, no. 11, 85, fig. 11

Low and slender crescentic hull, with a row of twelve round holes even spaced on either side below the gunwale. One of the stems rises above the gunwale near vertically, with a slight inward inclination. Attached to it is what appears to be a small poop-deck. Inside the model there are four thwarts. The holes are likely oarports rather than scuppers, as they are just below the gunwale.

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