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Galley bow

Cat. No.



c. 700 B.C. (early Proto-Attic) Close contemporary to the Sounion plaque


Athens acropolis, north slope


max. L: 5.3 cm; thickness: 0.9 cm


Plaque fragment

Accession Number

Athens National Museum


Boardman 1954: 196, nos. 1-2, fig. 2, pl. 16.2; Morrison-Williams 1968: 74, Arch. 3

Fragment showing part of the bow projection of a galley to the left.

Part of a ship's bow. Animal leg and foot (bird?) and fin of a fish below.

Boardman, J. 1954. ‘Painted votive plaques and an early inscription from Aegina’, BSA 49: 183–201.

Morrison, J.S. and R.T. Williams. 1968. Greek Oared Ships: 900-322 B.C. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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