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Single-levelled galley

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Protocorinthian fragment of a skypos

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Matz 1950: pl. 7; Morrison-Williams 1968: 75, Arch. 6; Skias 1898: pl. 5.3

Single-levelled ship to the left in a panel below the rim. Medium-thick flat hull, vertical stempost with integrated bow projection that curves upwards, and high incurving sternpost. The stempost terminates in a horn that turns sharply backwards parallel to the hull. The bow projection is short and thick. There are five rowers facing right, grasping at oars with triangular oar blades. There is a single thick rectangular steering oar. The ship is rendered in silhouette only very schematically, with any details to the hull being omitted.

Matz, F. 1950. Geschichte der griechischen Kunst, I, Die geometrische und die früharchaische Form. Frankfort on the Main: Klostermann.

Morrison, J.S. and R.T. Williams. 1968. Greek Oared Ships: 900-322 B.C. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Skias, A.N. 1989. “Παναρχαία ελευσινιακή νεκρό-πολις,” AEphem: 30–122.

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