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Single-levelled galley

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Late Geometric II (c. 700 B.C.)


Elean Pylos (Armatova, Elis), inside a well


H: 17.5 cm


krater fragment. Curved edge of the glaze next to the ship is a West Greek feature, also found in Ithaca earlier

Accession Number


Basch 1987: 188-89, no. 399; Daux 1968: 833, fig. 2; Cherici 2006: 356, fig. 10; Coldstream 2003: 159, 161, fig. 59d

Fragmentary single-levelled ship to the left, occupying the main zone below the lip. The bow is missing. Low flat hull, high incurving sternpost with aftercastle and a triangular steering oar. A single thin horizontal line above the hull (railing) with seven preserved tholepins on it. The aftercastle consists of a reserved rectangle filled with three horizontal lines which indicate an open balustrade with a railing. The base of the mast is encased by a rectangle which is the mast-step system which secured the mast in place. A rectangular sail with a checkerboard pattern made of alternating reserved and painted squares hangs from the yard. There is one brace preserved which is attached to the top of the aftercastle, while two brailing ropes run from the lower corner of the sail to the tip of the mast-step system.

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