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Single-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Protocorinthian (end of the 8th century B.C.)




H: 48.5 cm


Protocorinthian oenochoe

Accession Number

Berlin 3143


Basch 1987: 188, no. 395; Campbell 2017: 50, fig. A5.10; Furtwängler 1888: 248, figs. a-b; Johansen 1923: pl. 1.3; Kirk 1949: 112-113, no. 37; Morrison-Williams 1968: 34, Geom. 33; Payne 1933: pl. 2; Simonsen 1998: 54

Single-levelled ship to the left wrapping around the shoulder of the vase in a panel centred below the spout. Very low hull, vertical stempost ending in an S-shaped horn that inclines slightly forward, then backwards parallel to the hull, with short vertical strokes along its upper edge. Thin integrated bow projection, with a short plank protruding from the stempost above it, capped with a perpendicular stroke indicating its function as a buffer (proembolon). The forecastle appears as a pinched rectangle, its sides being concave rather than straight, with a reserved eye made up of two concentric circles and a dot. High incurving sternpost with a rectangular aftercastle painted solid and another "eye" consisting of a reserved circle with a dot. Steering oar with an almond-shaped oar blade. The single horizontal line above the hull (A) represents the railing, with the two connected by eight vertical strokes which protrude above the line to depict tholepins. Mast amidships with a forestay and two backstays, with a bird facing right perched on the upper backstay.

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