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Galley bow

Cat. No.



Late Geometric II (c. 740 B.C.)


Argive Heraeum



Sherd from a krater

Accession Number

Athens National Museum 25428


Basch 1978: 188, no. 398; Morrison and Williams 1968: 34, Geom. 34; Tzahou-Alexandri 1990: 340, fig. 25

Bow of a ship to the right with a vertical stempost that lacks the distinctive horn of Attic geometric ships, but instead curves steeply backwards, in a near parallel position to the hull. Bulky short bow projection and a single plank protrusion with a forked extremity midway up the stempost. Above the thick band representing the hull is a thin parallel line, with a reserved space between them. Sitting at the level of the upper line is a figure facing left. An archer wearing a helmet with his bow drawn and a sword at his waist faces to the left, towards the ship.

Basch, L. 1978. “Le Navire mns et autre notes de voyage en Egypte,” MM 64: 99-123.

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