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Single-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late Geometric I (c. 750 B.C.)


Agora, well (T 19:1)


H: 5.8 cm; W: 8.4 cm


Sherd from a wall of a large heavy vase. Buff clay, black glaze

Accession Number

Agora Museum P 8885


Basch 1987: no. 369a; Morrison and Williams 1968: 30, Geom. 23 *bis;* Agora VIII: 63, no. 277; Agora XXXI: 121; "

Probably located under the handle, as indicated by part of the handle attachment preserved on the left side of the sherd. Fragmentary single-levelled ship to the left with a low flat hull, a massive square bow with a concave post integrating the bow projection and an S-shaped horn. There is a single plank protrusion on the stempost and two short vertical ones on the forecastle. Standard raised railing with six tholepins preserved.

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