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Double-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late Geometric I (c. 750-730 B.C.)


Dipylon, Athens



Fragments from a krater

Accession Number

Louvre A532


Basch 1987: 171-72, no. 354; Kirk 1949:107-108, no. 29, pl. 39.3; Morrison and Williams 1968: 24, Geom. 14

Sections of a double-levelled ship to the left with the rowers depicted. All the horizontals of the standard Dipylon ship are depicted, but the verticals are omitted. The first fragment preserves only the lower level up to the edge of horizontal D (deck), with six oars and 5 rowers discernible. The second fragment preserves both levels, with three rowers below and two above. The upward curve of lines A and B suggest that this section is near the stern of the ship. The rowers face right, grasping their oars with both hands, their torsos inclined backwards - a position indicating they are at the end of their stroke. The oar-blades are shaped like spades. The stanchions and tholepins are omitted to avoid clustering. The recent colored photograph of fragment 2 lacks a join shown on older photographs which includes the torsos of the two upper level rowers.

Basch, L. 1987. Le musée imaginaire de la marine antique. Athens: Institut Hellénique pour la preservation de la tradition nautique.

Kirk, G.S. 1949. “Ships on Geometric Vases.” BSA 44: 93-153, pls. 38-40.

Morrison, J.S. and R.T. Williams. 1968. Greek Oared Ships: 900-322 B.C. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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