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Single-levelled galley

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LH IIIC advanced/ EPG


Kastanas, central Macedonia



Lip fragment from a pictorial krater

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Jung 2002:119-124, 406, pl.44; Mommsen and Maran 2000-2001: 98 tab. 1, 103 tab. 6, 104

A very schematic representation of a ship to the right with a low hull, a vertical stempost painted as a massive triangle, mast with sail, and 17 visible oars. The ship is divided lengthwise into three longitudinal horizontal areas. The lowest and thickest one is the ship's hull, from the keel/keel-plank to the sheer. The area above it is presumably where the stanchions would be normally shown, but instead they are omitted and only the oars are depicted. The uppermost reserved area is probably an open bulwark. A forecastle is depicted as a rectangle with a horizontal line in its middle and four parallel, vertical lines. The mast and sails are drawn with three vertical wavy lines. Since there are 17 visible oars and considering the part of the ship is missing, this is presumably a penteconter.

Jung, R. 2002. Kastanas. Ausgrabungen in einem Siedlungshügel der Bronze- und Eisenzeit Makedoniens 1975-1979. Die Drehscheibenkeramik der Schichten 19 bis 11. Prähistorische Archäologie in Südosteuropa 18. Kiel: Oetker.

Mommsen, H. and J. Maran. 2000-2001. “Production places of some Mycenaean Pictorial vessels—the contribution of chemical pottery analysis,” Opuscula Atheniensia 25- 26: 95-106.

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