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Two rowers

Cat. No.



LH IIIC middle (Lefkandi stage 2)


Lefkandi, Xeropolis


c. 5.5 cm x 4.5 cm


fragment from the lower part of the body of a krater

Accession Number


Lemos 2018; 2004: 51 fig. 90

Two rowers facing left, sitting upright with both hands on their oars. There are two vertical lines, one in front of each rower near the tip of their oars, presumably stanchions. The hull is depicted below them with a thick horizontal band.

Lemos, I.S. 2018. “A Ship Scene for Fanouria,” in M.-F. Papakonstantinou, C. Kritzas, and I. Touratsoglou (eds.) Πύρρα: Μελέτες για την αρχαιολογια στην Κεντρική Ελλάδα προς τιμήν της Φανουρίας Δακορώνια, Αθήνα 2018. ΣΗΜΑΕΚΔΟΤΙΚΗ, pp. 159-167.

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