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Fragment of a ship's hull

Cat. No.



LH IIIC middle


Athens, Akropolis


L: 8.2 cm; W: 7.8 cm


Fragment of a krater. Buff clay and slip, orange-brown paint, monochrome inside

Accession Number

Akropolis Museum AP2655


Broneer 1933: 360, fig. 37b (not identified as ship); Wedde 2000: 328, no. 682

Thick hull, with keel line rising slightly to the left. Gunwale line attached to hull by six vertical parallel lines, four of which do not reach the full distance. Oblique stroke departing from gunwale line upwards off edge. Rise of upper edge of hull segment suggests that an extremity followed just outside extant fragment to left." Decorative cross-hatched triangles below.

Broneer, O. 1933. “ Excavations on the North Slope of the Acropolis in Athens 1931-1932,” Hesperia 2: 329-417.

Wedde, M. 2000. Towards a Hermeneutics of Aegean Bronze Age Ship Imagery. Peleus Studien zur Archäologie und Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns, vol. 6. Bibliopolis: Mannheim and Möhnsee.

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