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Late Bronze Age (c. 1550-1200 B.C.)


Beth Shemesh, Stratum IV, square R 28 (XLVIII)


L: 8.3 cm; H: 3.5 cm; W: 4.9 cm


Limestone seal. Semi-conical with an oval bezel and a transversal suspension hoop

Accession Number

Jerusalem Rockefeller Museum IAA I.5825


Grant 1932: 21, No. 1107, pl. 48; Grant and Wright 1939: 162; Keel 2010: 258-259, no. 95; 1994a: 34, fig. 20; 1994b: 88; 1995: 211; Keel et al 1990: 386, no. 30, fig. 98; Knapp 2019: 126; Wachsmann 2013: 64, fig. 2.35; 2000: 135, fig. 6.30

Single-levelled galley to the right (to the left for impressions). The rendering is simplistic and very schematic. The hull consists of the ladder motif, made up of two parallel horizontal lines joined together by four vertical stanchions. The stempost is vertical, while the curving sternpost is represented by a single oblique stroke. Below the hull are five wheat shaped incisions representing the oars. There are two stick figures, with the large one standing amidships, while the smaller one is at the stern. Both of them hold vertical curving objects in their right hand. Another ladder motif is shown floating vertically in front of the large figure in the bow area. Wachsmann thinks that this element is not part of the first ship. There is a pair of three dots framing the composition from the left in a crescent shaped arrangement. Despite the sparse details, there is enough information provided to indicate that this is a single-levelled galley with an open rowers' gallery and a vertical stempost.

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