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Single-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late 8th century




L: 24.3 cm; W (plate): 8.4 cm


Bronze fibula with a decorated catch-plate

Accession Number

Heidelberg Inv. 62/6


Hampe 1971: 92, no. 123

Single-levelled ship to the right with a low flat hull decorated with vertical lines in the same manner as ship A65a. The fore part of the ship is no longer preserved. Vertical sternpost with four horizontal timbers rendered as triangles (tapering to a point) projecting outwards. Rectangular aftercastle bisected by a vertical line slightly off center. Raised rectangular mast step system bisected by a horizontal and a vertical line that form a cross as in A65a.

Part of nine similar fibulae purchased for the Heidelberg collection apparently from an art market. Hampe suggests that the fact that they come in pairs possibly indicates that they were originally found in tombs. This fibula came in a pair with Hampe 1971: no. 122. The style is Geometric-Subgeometric.

Side A: Two swastika on the left, large bird facing right in the upper right corner. A fish and starts as filler motifs. On the right side there is a fight between a hero (Herakles or Nestor) and a double creature (Molione or Aktorione).

Side B: Large swastika, ship facing right beneath it. There is a sea serpent and four fish as filler motifs.

No closeup photograph is provided, so the drawing by Hampe cannot be verified for accuracy.

Hampe, R. 1971. Neuerwerbungen 1957-1970. Mainz am Rhein: P. von Zabern.

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