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Single-levelled galley

Cat. No.



Late 8th century






Bronze fibula of Boeotian type

Accession Number

Ashmolean Museum G 376


Basch 1987: 194, no. 414; Cherici 2006: 357, fig. 12; Hampe 1936: no. 120; Morrison and Williams 1968: 78, Arch. 18

Single-levelled ship to the right. Low flat hull, with a concave stempost integrating the bow projection and ending in a horn device that curves forward then backward, ending in a leaf shaped extremity. The ram is rather long compared to some of the other fibulae. The sternpost rises in a gentle curve, ending in an oversized leaf shaped device that incurves sharply. The mast is amidships, with a bisected V top (karchesion), a forestay, and a rectangular mast step system.

Side A: A horse, a bird, and a fish

Side B: Ship to the right, a bird and a fish.

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