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Single-levelled galley

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Late 8th century B.C.




L (preserved): 13.1 cm; H (preserved): 8.7 cm


Bronze fibula with decorated catch-plate, broad oval bow. Attributed to the "Swan master." Formerly fragments preserved of most of the plate now missing

Accession Number

Berlin 8145.5


De Vries and Katzev 1972: 116, 119, pl. 14.5; Hampe 1936: 17-18, 24, 96-97, no. 55, abb. 2; Morrison and Williams 1968: 78, Arch. 21

Unavailable for study

Bought in Athens (1890) along with other bronzes which are all said to come from a grave in Thebes. (Side A): Horse with bird above. Asterisk-like star and a quatre foil rosette behind the bird. Quatrefoil rosette below the belly of the horse; (Side B): Described by Hampe as ship, bird and fish. Currently surviving section shows a bird above the forward part of a ship with traces of quatrefoil rosette (?) between the bird and the ship. To the left of the bird is an eight-rayed asterisk-like star and to its left is the forestay of the ship.

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